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EPCOR Stormwater Strategies project Survey Opportunity

It's no secret that large rainfall storms can cause flooding, sometimes isolated, sometimes widespread. As recently as 2012, significant flooding caused major damage in Edmonton. Heavy rains can cause traffic disruptions at low lying locations such as underpasses.

And, in EPCOR communities in southern Alberta as well as other parts of Canada, major storm events in recent years have forced people from their homes and left many without essential services for up to weeks at a time. 

We're not waiting for the next flood to take action. We are now developing multi-year plans to reduce the risk of flood impacts in Edmonton and will be presenting these to City Council Utility Committee in the coming months

The project, called Stormwater Integrated Resource Planning (SIRP), involves a risk-based approach that considers community input, risk assessments, financial analysis, planning and operational responses and environmental concerns. It's a process of continuous improvement.

Participate in public research

The scope of SIRP is far-reaching, and public interest in storm flood mitigation is high. So, we want to ensure citizens have a voice as we develop plans.

As part of our public engagement, we are launching a public survey to learn about the values and priorities of local residents. This research asks participants to think about the different impacts a flood in Edmonton could have on homes, businesses, the environment, people and community services.

The survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.