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TRAC Town Identity


(Terwillegar Riverbend Advisory Council)

by Zard Sarty & Dr. Rob Agostinis


The four elements - Home, School, Recreation and Assembly - shown on this painting, are the basic elements which make up a balanced community.


Home: ‘Where is your home?’  Besides their actual home, most people identify their neighbourhood as ‘home’, followed by their town.


Schools are a major part of people’s decision on where to live.


Recreation plays an important role in a community, and takes on different forms: passive, active and organized.  The painting clearly defines all three types. Passive recreation includes admiring the river valley, including existing parks such as Whitemud Creek, Terwillegar, and Fort Edmonton Parks. Active recreation refers to participation in games and activities.  Organized recreation takes place in such centres as TCRC  (Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre), which sits at the geographical centre of this town.


Assembly is wherever people meet in general.  Safety is a factor in the assembly of the young and old.  Friends, neighbours and all people meet naturally in shopping centres, recreation facilities, school grounds and churches.  These can be seen on the painting throughout TRAC Town.


All in all, with the efforts of TRAC (Terwillegar Riverbend Advisory Council) organization, this painting shows that

TRAC Town has become a balanced community.


Zard Sarty is a retired Urban Designer and now an accomplished painter and community volunteer.


Rob Agostinis, aside from his medical career, is an accomplished community leader and community imagineer.