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History of TRAC


April 27, 2002

City of Edmonton, Community Services, organized a meeting at the Solicitor General’s College in an attempt to bring together the Community Leagues and Home Owners Associations of the area.  Out of this meeting, the concept of a president’s council, like the one in Millwoods was born.  The group decided to meet again with the intent of creating such a council.


June 17, 2002  TRAC Meeting # 1

First meeting of area council where the name TRAC was decided upon.


December 5, 2002

Strategic planning meeting was held.  Our mission statement was hammered out and the momentum of the group was starting to grow.


January 7, 2003

The concept of Ambassadors was born.  How these Ambassadors would be chosen and what their responsibilities would be was decided.


January 30, 2003  TRAC Meeting # 2

General Meeting was held to discuss the concepts that were decided upon by the strategic planning group


March 6, 2003

We began to hammer out the bylaws


May 21, 2003

Strategic planning Meeting


September 8, 2003

Bylaw meeting


November 5, 2003

The election of Ambassadors


December 1, 2003

T.R.A.C. received it’s Certificate of Incorporation


January 31, 2004

Strategic planning with a provincial facilitator


February 3, 2004

TRAC Meeting #1, The Election of TRAC’s first executive officers


February 17, 2003

TRAC Meeting #2


February 21, 2004

Riverbend Community League and Snow Valley sponsor a Winter Festival with proceeds going in support of TRAC


February 23, 2004

Prep meeting for Stake Holders Meeting


March 4, 2004

Stakeholders Information Sharing Meeting


March 16, 2004

TRAC Meeting #3


April 15 & 19,  2004

Facilities Master Plan Workshops


April 28, 2004

TRAC Meeting #4


June 1, 2004

TRAC Meeting #5


June 10, 2004

Advocacy Meeting to plan City Council presentations for June 21


June 21, 2004

City Council Meeting and vote to accept facility Master Plan


June 29, 2004

TRAC Meeting #6